I t/m L

I t/m L

sheets (klik op dansnaam)           filmkes ( klik op youtube)

i can be bothered–2006
i like the lady’s–2015

i love you–2001
i love you a million times-2013                                                                

i need you honest i do-2013                                                                   
i picked the wrong night–2017                                                                

i said i love you–1999
i slipped and fell in love–2003
i wonder–2012
if you only knew–2017                                        

i’m gonna –2005
i’m wondering–2004
indian summers with you–2004
indo dreams–2011
into the arena–2001
into the sunset–1998
irish polka–2013                                                                                           
irish stew–2005
islands in the stream–1998
it keeps right on hurtin-2009
it`s so easy–2007

j’ai du boogie–2000
jack is back–2004
jacobs ladder–2010
jailhouse creole–2007
jamaica mistake–1998
jambalaya joe–2000
java jive–1997
jazzin’ boogie–2002
jesse james–2003
join in–2006
jose cuervo–2000
just a little bit longer–2011
just a little love–2014
just a memory–2002
just for grins–1999

keeko –2006
kellys cannibals–1995
kick it–1994
king of the road–2002
kiss me honey–2003
kiss me quick–2013

la tenga–2004
la vera–2013
laisseize fair–2013                                                                                  

last time uh huh–1999
leaving of liverpool–2006
lets go little darling–2006
lightning polka–1997
like Coca cola in Hollywood–2015

lila flamenco–2006
little bit lonely–2012
little black book–1994
little bluf–2010
little in love–2014
little lies–2014
little Liza Jane –2015
life must go on –2016

livin’ mambo–2000
lonely hearts–2009
lonely this weekend –2017                                  
lonely too–2012
long legged hannah–1999
long tall sally–2015

long time gone–2013
looked into my eyes–2017                                  
looking for trouble–2006
loosen op those chains –2016

lord have mercy–2008
lost at heart–2007
lost in love–2010
lost in you–2002
loud and proud–2007
louisiana swing–2009
love comes around–2010
love her for a while –2016

love in one shot –2011
love you every second–1998
love you in a barrel–2012
love you too much–1999
lovin’ the bottle–2004
loving you–2003